Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dessert Day!


So we had our Cari Makan Dessert Day last Sunday - 12th July 2009.
Every crew members attended that day except FLY. why n where did she go???? She went to Kedah (practical on becoming a primary sch teacher KPLI) edi n yeah, there she misses our KK food so much and wanted to come back here badly. We miss her so much but she will come back soon - on August. ^_^ will see her soon. yay.

So before introducing our guests of the day. lemme intro the desserts that we had 1st. ;)

Dragon Fruit Sago Ice RM 7.50 - abit bitter and sour
*Damian's healthy dessert intake - no wonder he looks so young*

Banana Snow Love RM 6
*Banana with lots of love*

Avocado Snow Love RM 6
*with waffle and ice cream and chocolate chips toppings*

Hazelnut White Coffee Ice Blended RM 5.50
*not that sweet thou*

Guava Yogurt Drink RM 6.50
*TOOOO sour*

Mango Sago Ice RM 7.50

Ribena Freeze Carbonated Drink RM 3.90

Mango Snow Love RM 6
*another lovely mango dessert -those r not jelly but Konyaku*

Monster Special Iced Monster RM 7.50
*Cornflakes + Konyaku + Ice Cream toppings* thumbs up!

Our Guests of the day!!!!!

Guest 1 & Guest 2 - Familiar??!! not the first time after all!!! Amy Thien and Damian Thien (not siblings or relatives) - Our KK Top Food Lovers. Thx for joining us again!!~ Mana Vincent Chan? He trapped in Kimanis :(

Guest 3 -MannHei. - this one guest also meh? the one that using the same account with Emily in FB lor. i oso duno consider him as guest or crew. anyway. he's abit choosey n picky on food. any nice food tat he tinks are nice, memang nice la tat.

Guest 4 & 5 - Jackson & YiTyng - Our first-timers in Food Lovers' event

Jackson, the one that planned to attend in our previous events but never attend. but this time, his rvsp was not attending, but he attended this time. swt.

YiTyng, the cute n lovely girl, not sure that she can eats alot or not. hope she will keep joining in our coming up events.

FOOD LOVERS GROUP PHOTO *without FLY, one of the crew member*

FOOD LOVERS GROUP PHOTO *with FLY* can u notice whr she is?

oh ya!! KK Food Lovers have fans here!!! LOL. *temberang*

Thx for our lovely guest, yi tyng for the most memorable 'banner' made for the

The 'banner' is up for auction now so any interested buyer may start your bid now. The highest bidder will not only get the 'banner' but also a kiss from our Ms. President :) .......... on the tissue paper, I mean 'banner'....

Thx for joining us @ Fruit Monster! c u guys in coming events. cheers!

P/S. so did u guys notice the receipt right up corner of the pic? RM 64.50. n divided by 9. RM 7.10 per head only.

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Friday, June 12, 2009



Yay. Our 4th EVENT coming up! this Sunday!!!


feel free to join us ;) HOW? here is the link ....

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cari Makan @ City Mall (Intro)

On Board - Emily


HUH? y cari makan @ City Mall? (o.O)v

well well.. im currently having my practical for 10 weeks in city mall - CT Department Store. there r lotsa food outlets here n i almost tried half of them.
hmmm lemme list out the food restaurants i had b4 in City Mall.

1. Hana Japanese Restaurant - i visited this restaurant twice n i will still say a nono n another nono.

environment is ok. but the food is not ok.

2. Old Town Cafe - my all time fav yamcha place

3. Sushi King

4. Fresh Cafe - i love the avocado juice n wrap ;)

5. The Hut Fusion Restaurant

6. Food Court - Claypot corner

7. Olde Station - my fren love havin bfast here n i juz dun get it. i prefer Old Town ;)

8. Big Apple Donut - owhh variety of Doughnuts *winkz*

9. Starbucks - place for ppl to showoff their notebook or hp wit wifi. i tiada so i only went there once.

10. KFC

11. Pizza Hut

12. forgot the name of the shop (next to a boutique) - serves variety of tea, herbal eggs n dumplings.

13. Tenom Station - i kena tipu by the shop name. i tot it is one of the branch from Tenom Cafe inside MAA Building in KK - Tenom Cafe serves one dish - lamb with coffee taste - special huh? nice oh. but Tenom Station serves Tenom Coffee which taste worse than NESTLE punya nescafe.

14. XX Shang Nyuk Mee - i hav no idea y there's no english name for the shop or any alphabet. its in chinese words n i duno how to read it. obviously, this shop only serves shang nyuk mee. u cant compare tis shop with the 3 famous shang nyuk restaurants in LINTAS. another NONO restaurant in City Mall.

15. Yogurberry

16. Four Seasons Restaurant Steamboat & Dimsum (Chun Xia Qiu Dong) RM0.99 for 3 biji siu mai. n RM19.90 for 'All u can eat'

17. Vedablu - a place whr ppl eat ice-creams

18. Carcasean Cafe - place whr ppl play board games n yamcha

19. Mei Xin - a place whr ppl hav their desserts n liong cha

*The price of the food are all in facebook ♥ KK FOOD LOVERS ♥

Anyone has any idea what to eat here? come find me for lunch ;)

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